Two Nong Khai: Two 12th graders of a school in Nong Khai were arrested on Monday evening while allegedly trafficking 2,000 meth pills in exchange for 40 pills, police said.


Police said the two students were arrested at a checkpoint on the Mittraparp road while riding their motorcycle toward the downtown area of Muang district at 6.20pm.


Police found 2,000 meth pills hidden in a milk box in a trouser pocket of the pillion rider. Another 18 meth pills were found in a plastic bag in a pocket of the driver’s trousers.

The two said they were given 40 meth pills by a man on September 21 in exchange for taking the 2,000 pills for delivery to the Mittraparp road U-turn spot in Ban Na Ang village.

The students said the man told them he would later call to inform them of their delivery destination.