Uber sued by 550 women for sexually assaulting drivers

Uber sued by 550 women for sexually assaulting drivers

Uber sued by 550 women for sexually assaulting drivers

Taxi service Uber is being sued in the United States by 550 women for various forms of sexual abuse. In the indictment, they write that they have been sexually assaulted, abused or even raped by drivers. There are also cases of stalking, kidnapping and other forms of attacks.

The group of women from different states has filed a lawsuit together. They say Uber has been aware of the issues since 2014, but nothing is being done about it. The San Francisco law firm that filed the case says 150 other cases are pending.

“Uber’s entire business model is focused on giving people a safe ride home, but passenger safety has never been their concern,” the law firm said. “That is financial growth, at the expense of the safety of their passengers.”

Uber is being sued by more than 500 women across the US who claim to have been assaulted by drivers on the platform https://t.co/JPwm2ezfq3

— Bloomberg (@business) 13 juli 2022

Uber has not responded to the case of the 550 women. Earlier it became clear that in the years 2019 and 2020 alone, more than 3800 complaints about sexually transgressive behaviour from Uber drivers were received. “While the company has acknowledged this crisis of sexual assault in recent years, their response has been slow and inadequate, with dire consequences,” the law firm said.

In recent years, the taxi service has taken a few safety measures. For example, people who want to work as a driver for Uber are first screened. However, the company insists that they are not responsible for the behaviour of the drivers, because they are not employed by Uber, but drive as a freelancer.

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