Campaigning for Britain’s Dec 12 general election is in full swing, and it’s hard to overlook the reason the snap vote was called in the first place: the nation’s ongoing struggle with how – and even if – it should leave the European Union.

The Conservatives’ leader Boris Johnson has pledged to “get Brexit done”. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is keen to drive the conversation away from Brexit. The Liberal Democrats’ leader Jo Swinson wants to stop Brexit altogether.

The LibDems launched their election platform this week, pledging to hire more teachers, create a frequent flyer tax and legalise cannabis. But what has been making the headlines is their radical stance on Brexit.

The party says that if it wins next month’s election it will revoke Article 50, thereby cancelling Brexit. If it doesn’t win a majority, it will fight for a second referendum, with an option to remain in the EU.

Our UK Correspondent Vincent McAviney followed the LibDems on the campaign trail in Wales to find out whether their gamble can pay off.

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