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Unexpected Birthday Gift From Restaurant To Poor Man’s Daughter Hits The Thai Nation Right In The Heart

 Countless internet users have thanked a restaurant owner for the generous gift she gave to a man and his daughter.

Hearts and licks flooded the Facebook page of restaurant Halo Shabu after owner Panumas Sroitong gave the girl a birthday present she will never forget.

One Thai father took his daughter to the restaurant in Rayong’s Wang Chan district around 1 p.m. last Saturday because she wanted to have shabu-shabu, the Japanese hotpot dish, for her birthday.

A waitress serving at their table heard the father tell his daughter to eat alone because he didn’t have enough money to pay for both of them. He told the girl that he would wait for her outside while she enjoyed the Japanese food.

To which the daughter politely refused to eat unless they stirred the hot pot together.

The waitress told Panumas what she had heard, and when the two got up to walk out of the restaurant, she stopped them and offered them to enjoy the Japanese hotpot dish for free.

When the owner found out that the meal was a birthday party for the daughter, she asked her staff to buy the girl a birthday cake from a nearby supermarket.

“I saw how much he loved his daughter,” Panumas told several media outlets.

“It would have been even nicer if Bella’s mother was with us today,” Panumas quoted the father telling her, referring to his daughter by her nickname.

After the meal, the man and his daughter thanked all the staff. Once outside the restaurant, a photo showed the father hugging his daughter in his arms before the two walked away.

The owner wrote in another Facebook post yesterday that she knew the father’s name and address, but wanted to respect his privacy, as he did not want to be interviewed by the media or accept financial aid sent to him through his Facebook account. the restaurant was offered.

“On behalf of the father and his daughter, thank you for all your offers of help,” she wrote.

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