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Monday, September 20, 2021

UPDATE – Owner died after being attacked by his pit bull in Pattaya


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The 56-year-old owner of a pit bull attacked by the animal the day before yesterday has died, doctors at a Pattaya hospital announced last night.

The victim’s wife, Khun Wanpen Kumkong, told a local reporter  “My husband was pronounced dead as a result of the attack by the dog, called Giant. The dog is now being cared for by the Chonburi pit bull club. “

Khun Wiset had sustained severe wounds to his throat during the attack, which reportedly occurred while he was sleeping. Rescuers took nearly thirty minutes to get the dog away from the injured man.

Wanpen stated that she understood that doctors were doing their best to save her husband’s life, but he died tragically from blood loss and the severity of the wounds yesterday morning.

The two-year-old dog remains in the custody of the Pitbull club, who have stated they will work with law enforcement officials on the cause of the fatal attack.

The dog, according to Khun Wanpen, was raised by her husband when he was three months old and came into their home.

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