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US man claims he was denied entry to Thailand because of the the color of his skin

A black man from the US has shared a video on Thaivisa’s Facebook page saying that he and a woman were denied entry because of the color of their skin.

Keivyn Graves also claimed extortion and corruption at the hands of the airport immigration.

He said he and his partner had come from India and had visited Thailand many times before to spend their money.

He claimed he was told to “go back to his home country”.

He said: “I know that the way I look and the color of my skin is really playing (a part) of what’s going on here”.

He said he had been in a holding area since the middle of the night until the afternoon – 16 hours in which he claimed he was even “denied water”.

Thaivisa notes that many “people of color” have been rounded up in a series of raids over the last few months.

Many people have criticized the Thais for racial profiling.

Keivyn later posted a video confirming he had been released from immigration.

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