Boy pisses on elevator buttons

Boy decides to piss on elevator buttons. Guess what happens next? 😏👉

Posted by Shanghaiist on Sunday, February 25, 2018

A young lad from Chongqing in Southwest China became stuck in a lift and required rescue after he urinated on the lift controls causing a malfunction and for him to become trapped.

CCTV footage from inside of the lift has been widely shared on social media showing the lad taking a wiz on the lifts buttons before zipping up his fly and waiting for the lift to arrive at his floor.

When the lift does eventually reach his floor the doors fail to open, in a panic the young lad starts frantically pressing buttons which flicker before the lights in the lift go out and he is plunged into darkness.

Boy in China gets stuck in a lift after peeing on the buttons

According to reports in the Chinese media the naughty youngster was rescued by maintenance staff from the building and was unharmed, staff realised what had happened once they reviewed CCTV.

People commented angrily online calling for the lad to be reprimanded for his dirty prank while others said that his parents should be made to pay for repairs and cleaning of the lift.

One thing is for sure he will probably think twice about taking a leak in a lift anytime soon.