Buddhist Fortune Teller Sparks Anger After Using Bikini Models In Live Show

A Buddhist fortune teller sparked anger after delivering a sermon while being groped by bikini-clad models.

Psychic medium Mahamuni, 39, has hundreds of thousands of followers who pay to have ‘readings’ from him in Bangkok, Thailand. But he shocked locals when he broadcast himself on Sunday, May 5 flanked by young women in skimpy bikinis. Footage shows the topless fortune teller displaying his bleached hair tattooed torso while sitting in a Big Brother-style armchair.

A young girl wearing a yellow bikini entered and sat next to him on the armrest as he gave spiritual advice to viewers.

The woman began touching his half-naked body and moving in alluring postures as his friend, Tony, told the girl to keep seducing him. A second girl in red bikini then joined, wrapping her legs around the psychic