Video: Foreigners targeted for drug testing in Thailand

Drug Testing: Pattaya Update news reported that two Sri Racha factories employing foreign workers were raided on Tuesday with the foreigners checked for work permits and drugs.

Nothing untoward was found.

The raids were part of the ongoing “Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner” campaign that has seen many illegal foreigners arrested and deported nationwide.

Targeted on Tuesday were a rubber glove factory and a plastic and foam injection business.

At the former there were found to be 87 foreigners that comprised 85 people from Myanmar and two Cambodians.

Everyone was drug free and had work permits in order.

At the plastic business 40 Cambodians and 3 Koreans were similarly found to be breaking no laws.

A video showed that it was all smiles at one of the factories.

It was a joint operation with tourist police and local officials joining the immigration cops.

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