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A woman in Phuket ended up with swollen eyes and even thinner lashes after her beautician used Super Glue, instead of cosmetic adhesives, to apply lash extensions.

And it’s all on video.

Since being posted on Saturday, a million people have so far sat through the horrifying video, which shows the unnamed woman having the botched extension job scraped out of her eyes — swollen shut thanks to an allergy to the glue — with a steel cuticle pusher. Yikes.

The beautician who fixed the bad lash job, identified only as Fara, said the woman in the video came running to her salon in Phuket on Friday, asking for help.

Fara was appalled to see what she described as one of the most dangerous and painful cases she’s encountered in her 10 years as a beautician.

VIDEO : Ouch! Thai Woman Ends Up With Swollen Eyes Following Super Glue Lash Extensions

Fara said she decided to share the video as a cautionary tale.

“Hell, it was probably really painful while she was getting the extension! The customer told me that she wanted it removed immediately after it was done,” Fara said.

This proved especially difficult given that the Super Glue had already hardened, forcing Fara to use a solution to soften the glue before even attempting to remove the extension.

“There are a lot of uncertified stores out there today who think they can do it just by watching a YouTube video,” Fara said, claiming to have received training from a high-end, Japanese-run beauty school in Thailand.

While Fara didn’t ask her customer where she got her original extensions, she said that research is key before choosing a salon.

“Always ask the beautician for photos of her past clients and about the equipment she uses,” Fara advised. “A true professional should have a portfolio that consist of multiple before and after photos, and even what the lashes look like days after the process.”

Fara added: “Like cosmetic surgery, doing a good job takes more than just the correct training but also passion, patience, and creativity.”

Source: Love Pattaya

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