Police in Pattaya carried out raids on six soapy massage clubs and left empty handed from each one after nothing illegal was found happening at any establishment.

The raids were supervised by Pattaya’s chief of police Apichai Krobpetch who said that no underage workers were found at any of the massage clubs nor was there any foreign workers present.

He thanked each of the owners of the six clubs praising them for their full cooperation whilst the raids were being carried out.

Raids on Six Pattaya soapy massage clubs find nothing illegal at all

It was reported that the raiding party was made up of 100 police officers and soldiers who raided the following clubs, Honey massage 1 and 2, Sabai Room 1 and 2, PP massage and Rasputin.

Chief Apichai said that the raids found nothing illegal happening at any of the soapy massage clubs and noted that each establishment had the correct licenses and all of them were up to date.

The raids were reportedly ordered by high-level officials as part of a continuing effort to clean up Pattaya’s image.

Source: Love Pattaya