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VIDEO – Tough tattooed man is afraid to get vaccinated and threatens the nurse


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Tough tattooed man is afraid to get vaccinated and threatens the nurse

A tough man, with tattoos, had to be vaccinated, but pooped his pants for the small needle and threatened the nurses around him. He yelled at them, “If it hurts, I’ll punch you.

The Sanook News Team reported the incident, which occurred in Phetchabun province after it went viral on Facebook.

Facebook user Kwaandao Trisun posted a photo of the man being vaccinated. The location of the vaccine was at Wat Ban Rai Temple in the capital, Phetchabun.

The man had signed a consent form to be vaccinated, but when it was his turn, it was gravy in his pants.

The nurses helped hold the man, then he threatened them with a fist to show them what he would do. Nurses and relatives came to help restrain the man so that he would lie still. He continued to struggle and resist those who stopped him.

It didn’t take long to give him the injection and once the problem was over, the man said, “**** I thought it would hurt.”

The nurse on duty reveals that this isn’t the first time a patient has threatened her. But she admits he was violent but had already signed the consent form and his intention was to get vaccinated, so they went ahead with the original plan of jabbing him…lol.

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