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VIDEO – Two painters spent cramped hours at a high-rise apartment building in Bangkok after someone cut a rope


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Bangkok police have said a woman would be invited to appear in front of the fence in court after the woman cut the rope used by two painters while they were outside a condominium in the province Nonthaburi hung.

The incident happened around noon last Tuesday, but only became news after a video of the help-seeking painters was widely shared online.

Prapawan Satasing, 49, who lives in a 26th-floor apartment, told Thai media on Saturday that while she was sitting in her room, she saw two men hanging from a wire, the painters clearly panicking and trying to hold on. cling to a drying rack from her balcony. One of them called for help.

Her boyfriend went to talk to them. They asked him if they could jump on the balcony because their safety rope had been cut.

One of the painters told him afterwards that he saw someone on what he believed to be the 21st floor open a window and cut their rope. As a result, they could no longer descend.

The couple landed them safely on their balcony. They also made a video of the rescue which they posted on TikTok.

The painter, a Myanmarese named Song, told Prapawan that the perpetrator was a “well-dressed woman.” He’d asked for help from other rooms, but no one was home at the time. The management of the apartments reported the incident to the police.

Song and two friends had gone upstairs to repair a crack on the outside of the apartment by lowering themselves from the 32nd floor. When he reached the 30th floor, he felt the rope getting heavier.

Looking down, he saw a pair of hands reaching out of a window, cutting his rope that fell to the ground. He immediately warned his two friends.

The condo manager declined to provide further information, saying only that they had informed residents in writing that repair work would be done that day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with workers using ropes outside their rooms. They asked residents to close windows and put things away on their balconies.

Pak Kret police say they know who cut the rope and would call the person for questioning on Sunday. She took the rope as evidence.

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