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video: “Ungrateful son” who raped his own mother taken down in Chiang Mai


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A video showed the arrest of a Chiang Mai man who came out of jail after killing his step father only to rape his own mother. 

Chaiya Tanaa, 31, from Doi Saket, Chiang Mai had caused severe distress to locals in the area after he went on the run following the rape in December.

Police discovered that he was hiding out in a shack in the forest and moved to arrest him.

The suspect was seen being carried from the shack accompanied by heavily armed officers.

Daily News reported that he had been in jail for the murder of his step-father but had been released.

When he came out he raped his own mother.

He was found exhausted on Tuesday having been on the run for many days.

Daily News referred to him in their headline and through the story as “luuk toraphee” – a reference to an ungrateful buffalo in a story from the Thai epic The Ramakien (based on the Ramayana).

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