Wealthy Swiss businessman moved to Pattaya and LOST everything

TMN News has released a report about a wealthy Swiss businessman who sold up in his home country, moved to Pattaya and then LOST everything.

Tony Niko used to earn at least 300,000 baht a month in Switzerland running a building extension firm. The company employed 50 people.

Then he decided to come to Thailand and on his first night in Pattaya met who he thought would be the love of his life in Walking Street.

Video: Wealthy Swiss businessman moved to Pattaya and LOST everything

He gave the Thai woman, believed to be called Leuchakorn, everything he had and now he is sweeping floors in a temple and surviving on food hand-outs.

Posted by Nanthapong Siwilai on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Tony and Leuchakorn were together in the end for seven years, during which time he bought her a house, a car and a laundry business.

This was all paid from Tony’s 10 million baht retirement fund.

But when he asked her to marry him she broke down in tears, told him no and then immediately left to go and ‘work up country.’

Tony was confused and when he tried to track her down found out she had sold the house, the land and disappeared.

To this day he has no idea where she has gone although still hopes that one day they may be re-united.

In the meantime, he says, he will continue to sweep up at the temple and wait for news.