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Monday, December 5, 2022

Vietnamese man gets 5 years in prison for spreading the Covid19 virus


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Vietnamese man gets 5 years in prison for spreading the Covid19 virus

A Vietnamese has been jailed for 5 years in his country for violating home quarantine rules and spreading the Covid19 virus.

Le Van Tri, 28, has been convicted of “spreading dangerous infectious diseases to other people” after travelling from Ho Chi Minh City to his home province of Ca Mau in July, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

Le Van was charged with breaking a 21-day home quarantine when he travelled to Ca Mau. He tested positive for the virus on July 7. The 28-year-old’s decision to leave the quarantine had dangerous consequences for his fellow citizens.

The violation of the home quarantine regime has resulted in many people being infected with Covid-19 and one person died on August 7, 2021, the court report said.

Contrary to the court’s report, Vietnamese state media reported that 8 people were killed as a result of the man’s negligence. Over the past year, Covid numbers have remained low in Vietnam. Now Vietnam is facing their worst Covid outbreak since the start of the pandemic. They have reported nearly 540,000 infections and more than 13,000 deaths. Most infections and deaths have been since the end of April. Both the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have been strictly closed in recent months.

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