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Villagers make 500K from 16 Mekong Giant Catfish in 1 day.

Villagers in Ubon Ratchathani Province celebrate 2 great catches in one day, this makes them happier than winning the lottery. Local fisherman can work again as the water levels in the Mun River is finally decreasing. 16 Mekong Giant Catfish were caught with a total weight of 2,520 Kilograms. This was a pile of gold from the Mun River after the tough flood, the total sales of the 16 giant fish brought in 504,000 THB to the villagers involved in the catch.

Bun Sriton 57 years old one of the fishermen and villagers stated that while they went to retrieve the fishnet left overnight in the Mun River, there was something extremely heavy inside. It was so powerful that the boat was dragged along the river. Bun yelled for help from other fishermen near him to come help pull the net up onto the land. They were shocked to see what was inside, 11 Mekong Giant Catfish. The fisherman helped carry the giant fishes into a car, they drove to the buyer. The fish was sold at 200 THB per kilogram, a total of 394,000 THB.

After the first catch, the fishermen went to retrieve another net later in the day. This time there were 5 Giant Mekong Catfish with a total weight of 550 kilograms, they made another 110,700 THB. Together the 2 catches weighed 2,520 kilograms bringing in a total of 504,700 THB. The money was shared between 3 fishermen involved in the catch. Bun stated that this is the biggest Mekong Giant Catfish ever in his life as a fisherman.

The Mekong Giant Catfish is a delicacy in many parts of Thailand. Because of the large size, the meat is often heavier than smaller fishes. Popular dishes with the Mekong Giant Catfish is fried catfish, spicy catfish, catfish tom yum soup, and more. The large size is also why the fish is such a successful catch when measured in kilograms.

Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook

FB Caption: Together the 16 Mekong Giant Catfish weighed 2,520 kilograms bringing in a total of 504,700 THB.

Source: Sanook



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