Want to earn extra money in Thailand reporting minor offenses you see?

The Crime Suppression Division of Thailand has announced a new campaign to help eliminate certain offences, driven by reporting to them if you see the hotline taken place.

The chart shows the offense. A person who reports the offense and if it leads to an arrest gets half the fine.

It is officially unclear if foreigners are able to get the fine, but appears to be Thai only at this time.

Here are the ways to supplement your income and getting half the fine by reporting:

1. Dog owners who allow their pets to poop in the street and don’t pick it up 500 baht fine

2. Graffiti artists 5,000 baht fine

3. Trucks dropping sand, gravel and stones in an improper area 3000 baht fine

4. Souped-up vehicles and changing batteries in the street 5,000 baht fine

5. Blocking of entranceways 5,000 baht fine

6. Vehicles on the sidewalk 5,000 baht fine

7. Dumping old cars in the street 5,000 baht fine

8. Blocking roads (such as reserving spaces outside homes) 10,000 baht fine

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