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What is the M-Flow toll collection system and how can you use it?


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The new M-Flow toll system was put into operation in Bangkok’s No. 9 highway yesterday, but what does it actually mean and how can you use it? We have selected the following for you.

What is the M-Flow toll collection system and how can you use it?
The M-Flow system was established yesterday at four entrance gates on Highway No. 9 (Bang Pa-in-Bang Pli ring road). The four gateways are Thap Chang 1, Thap Chang 2, Thanyaburi 1 and Thanyaburi 2.

The ministry developed the toll system to prevent long queues at entrance gates. The postpaid system uses video cameras and artificial intelligence.

The special barrier-free lanes allow traffic to flow at a speed of 2,000 to 2,500 vehicles per hour, which is about five times faster than normal gateways.

Motorists can register to be billed monthly or after each use.

Payments can be made on the M-Flow website or app or through users’ mobile banking apps by scanning the QR code on the invoices emailed to them. They can also pay by direct debit through their bank account or credit card.

Thailand’s highway authority plans to develop a single platform for using M-Flow with other highways between provinces and Bangkok.

Motorists can sign up for accounts to use the M-Flow system at mflowthai.com.

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