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Monday, September 20, 2021

What will the next week bring us in Pattaya, there will be new Covid19 restrictions and the anti-government protests will continue despite ban


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What will the next week bring us in Pattaya, there will be new Covid19 restrictions and the anti-government protests will continue despite ban

Since this popular blog publishes dozens of stories a week, our readers can get a glimpse of the most important stories to take place in Thailand and Pattaya.

1. New Covid-19 restrictions are coming… but what exactly will they be?

The Thai media world has been buzzing for the past two days with news of Covid-19-related restrictions and measures, but nearly 48 hours after the news first came from the Administrative Center for Covid19 Control, the CCSA, we know still not sure what those measures will be.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan O’Cha has indicated on his own social media account the day before yesterday that new restrictions should be introduced, especially traveling through the country.

To quote:

Today, Saturday, July 17, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Disease Control both stated that new restrictions are on the way, but no decision has yet been made and made official. The afternoon press conference even included advice that was met with criticism and even laughter, such as wearing a face mask in cash at home and social distancing from your family and keeping your fridge clean and even abstaining from sex to avoid sharing the virus.

The CCSA listed seven provinces, including Chonburi, as being added to the highest level of control zones (dark red), but at the time of writing this has still not been made official and Chonburi province has yet to issue new orders or regulations. However, this is widely expected to happen as Chonburi hit a new record of Covid19 cases almost every day for the past week.

As is known, we do not speculate on this blog, but there is a lot to read on other media. Today, Sunday, July 18, I expect announcements that may outline what the near future will look like. And advises the readers of the website of Olleke Bolleke in Thailand to stay informed.

2. Protests continue against government and measures despite ban on gatherings

Last week there were protests at, among others, the Ministry of Health and even here in Pattaya.

Here’s a summary of the protest from what can be read in the Pattaya News :

The protesters are from various groups and organizations, but most of them have three goals: demanding the resignation of the Thai Prime Minister, anger at the extremely slow rollout of vaccines and strains vaccines being used, and great anger at Covid19 restrictions and measures and what the protesters consider the government’s biggest lack is appropriate financial support.

A major protest is planned in Bangkok today, the Thai government immediately defended itself upon hearing this news and posted in the Thai Government Gazette that public gatherings are strictly prohibited throughout the country.

However, the protesters, in turn, claim that this order will not deter them, despite the threat of possible penalties of long prison terms and hefty fines.

This is something to keep an eye on as the anger in Thailand has been felt by some segments of the population.

3. Next weekend (and the following week) there will be religious holidays, although the activities will be online.

Finally, some important holidays are approaching later this month, including two important religious holidays and the birthday of His Royal Majesty the King. However, the Interior Ministry has ordered that these events be celebrated online to prevent the possible spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Normally, religious holidays are marked by a ban on the sale of alcohol and the closure of entertainment venues, bars, etc. However, Thai nightlife has been closed for almost three and a half months, although the sale of alcohol is prohibited on religious holidays there is a good chance that there will be something to snack on here and there.

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