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Witnesses Testify Against Bangkok Bombing Suspect

BANGKOK — Witnesses have testified Wednesday against one of the two men believed to be the preparators who planted explosive devices in front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters on Aug. 1.

Wildun Maha, one of the two suspects who had been arrested for allegedly planting bombs in front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters was brought to the capital on Tuesday for further interrogation.

Deputy Bangkok police chief Pakapong Phongpetra told reporters Wednesday that three witnesses, one of which is a taxi driver who drove the suspects to a bus station, have identified Wildun as one of the preparators.

Four charges are to be indicted against both men, including cooperating in criminal activity, possessing explosive devices, attempted manslaughter, and handling explosive devices in public spaces. They reportedly denied all the allegations, but the police said they have gathered enough evidence to press charges against them.

Both men are now being detained separately across two Bangkok police stations, with armed police on guard inside and outside their cells around the clock. The police said that both men “do not show any sign of stress” and are cooperating with officials.

Another suspect, Luai Sae-ngae, is to be identified before witnesses on Thursday.

According to a report on Channel 3 on Aug. 3, the two men were said to have confessed their involvement with the bomb attacks in revenge for military operations in the Deep South. However, the prime minister later disputed this claim.

Arrest warrants have been issued to four more men on Wednesday: Hasae Bae-loh, 22, Asmee Abuwa, 22, Usman Poh-loh, 20, Amri Maming, 23. All men are either from the Deep South provinces of Narathiwat or Pattani.

On Aug. 5, prime minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha confirmed that nine people alleged to be involved with bomb attacks that rocked Bangkok on Aug. 2 have been arrested.

The first attack occurred on Aug. 1, but the police were able to diffuse bombs planted in front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters. The next morning, bombs exploded at five areas across Bangkok, injuring four.


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