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Woman arrested for using “Yaba” in a launderette in Pattaya

Last Wednesday night, a Thai woman was arrested in a launderette in Pattaya for allegedly using Yaba in public.

Pattaya Police were notified of the incident at the laundromat in Soi Bongkot in Nongprue just before midnight when another anonymous laundromat owner called police saying they were shocked by her behavior.

Pattaya City Police arrived on the scene to find the Thai woman, in her 40s, who was not immediately identified and had no identification papers on her, but a number of drugs were found on the table along with the paraphernalia used to make the drug. good to take. The woman appeared to be blatantly smoking the drug in public and made no attempt to cover up her behavior.

According to the Pattaya police, the woman appeared to be heavily under the influence of drugs and did not feel like talking to officers. She told police she had bought crystal methamphetamine from her boyfriend, but claimed not to know how to contact her “friend” or their name.

The woman also stated that she loved Yaba and the way it made her feel heavenly and invited the police to beat her, claiming it would give them more energy. The police declined the offer, but not her.

She was taken to Pattaya City Police Station for further legal action. In the end, she turned out to have no laundry in the launderette, police said.

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