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Woman charged double for ‘overeating’ at All You Can Eat restaurant


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Poppy, a woman from the United Kingdom, shared a special experience at an All You Can Eat restaurant on TikTok. She was charged double after she allegedly ate too much.

Poppy shared her story in response to another video asking for people’s experiences with fat shaming. “I went to an All You Can Eat restaurant once, but when the bill came I noticed they had charged me twice,” she begins her story.

She thought it was an error and asked the employees how it was. “Then they told me I ate too much.” Poppy logically refused to pay double. In the video, she seems to be able to laugh about it now. But her comment section is overflowing with people who have experienced similar things.

For example, in the comments, there are many examples of people being asked when the baby will be born, because others assume they are pregnant. In addition, a person has once been told in a store that they do not have her size, without even taking one step inside. Another says she heard a small child say to his mother “that’s a fat woman” as she passed by.

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Weight discrimination and fat shaming are real and manifest in all sorts of ways. Not only on social media but also in everyday life and in the labour market. Local media have spoken to several people who have dealt with it before. “I know a lot of people who are not hired at work because they are fat,” said Lotte. ” Then it is said: you cannot represent our store.” According to those people, being fat is equivalent to being uncared for or undisciplined. ” Those are the stigmas that we have to deal with, that make no sense and that we need to get rid of.”

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