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This Woman Chopped Off Her Neighbor’s Private Part For This Reason


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We often hear the stories of women being stalked on a daily basis. A lot of women get stalked and are irritated by it.

This woman, 47, was being stalked by a 27-year-old man despite her being married. He claimed to be in love with the woman.

The woman rejected him but he kept asking for sexual favors on a regular basis.

She is a mother of two, she sought help from the two men in the neighborhood to perform the act of chopping off his penis.

The three planned on how to trap the guy and finally made it happen when got the chance.

They called him to an isolated place away from their neighborhood and tied him to a tree.

He was left defenseless and couldn’t do anything to save himself. He was rushed to the hospital and was saved by the doctors via a life-saving surgery.

The Police reached the spot and arrested the woman and the other two men who helped her in committing the crime.

The names of the lady and the stalker has not been disclosed yet.

The police collected the knife and the genitals from the crime scene.

The local reporters reported that she did it to teach him a lesson.

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