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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Woman has to pay almost 70,000 baht in tax for her own handbag at Bangkok airport


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A Thai woman from Pattaya was furious and made the announcement on Facebook after she had to pay nearly 70,000 baht in customs duties for the designer handbag she was using.

She posted a photo of the item along with a 68,929 baht customs receipt. She moaned and groaned over what Sanook called a “cruel tax” and asked why authorities weren’t tracking people with counterfeit goods.

Why did they target individuals who used real bags to carry their personal belongings?

She endured the problem at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The reactions to the Facebook message indicated that many people had broken the rules.

Bags worth 20,000 baht or more may be taxed even if they are used to carry personal items and are not intended for sale. Especially if they look new.

Goods under 20,000 baht can also be taxed if it is decided that they will be sold commercially.

Different rates and 7% VAT apply for bags (20%), watches (5%), cosmetics (30%) and belts (30%).

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