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Woman killed by train in Nakhon Pathom

Woman killed: An unidentified woman was killed on the tracks by the Bangkok-Kantang train in Nakhon Pathom Tuesday night, police said.


The accident happened about one kilometre before the train reached the Ngiew Rai railway station in Nakhon Chaisri district.

Nakhon Chaisri police were alerted of the accident at 10 pm and rushed to the scene with a doctor and rescue workers.

They found the victim’s body parts strewn over one kilometre of track. Her body had been severed at the waist and her face was badly mutilated. Rescuers collected her remains and sent them to the Nakhon Pathom Hospital.

She appeared to be around 50 to 60 years old.

Police are checking reports of missing persons to try to identify her.

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