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Woman Rejected For Job Because Her Name Is ‘Too Ghetto’

Woman Rejected For Job Because Her Name Is ‘Too Ghetto’

A job seeker was sent a rejection email from a company who claimed that her name was ‘too ghetto’.

Hermeisha Robinson, from Missouri, had applied for the position of customer service representative at a company called ‘Mantality Health’ which was advertising for staff through

After receiving the response to her application, the mum-of-three posted it on social media on Monday August 13.

Now, the message has gone viral with 10,000 shares and over 2,000 comments.

Replying to her post, someone said: “Sue their butts and buy a badge with your name in bold letters! Don’t allow anyone white or black to define you or cause you to second guess the greatness of your title! You are a Queen stand in your place of greatness and be you boldly!

Another added: “Girl your name is not ghetto! Please don’t question yourself. Question them! Sounds like a lawsuit to me.”

The ‘discriminatory’ response came from a person claiming to be called ‘Jorden Kimler’ but the firm have since said that the comment was allegedly caused by hackers.

The full email response read: “Thank you for your interest in careers at Mantality Health. Unfortunately we do not consider candidates that have suggestive ‘ghetto’ names. We wish the best in your career search.”

In a post revealing the message, Hermeisha said she was ‘very upset’ and her ‘feelings are very hurt.’

She also claimed the company ‘discriminated against me because of my name’ and said ‘discrimination has to stop.’

A statement issued on behalf of Hermeisha, through her legal representative said: “Ms. Robinson is asking herself, as we all should be asking, why a business would so openly and brazenly announce and pursue a hiring policy that targets people because they are of colour rather than hire people based upon their desire to work and support their families.

“We need to call out and address this kind of rank bigotry for the disgrace that it is in this Country that stands for us all being created equal.

“Despite what some people believe and how they act it is illegal to discriminate in employment practices on the basis of a person’s race.

“What has been done to Ms. Robinson is inherently wrong, and we will pursue all legal remedies on her behalf to right this blatant injustice.”

Jack Gamache, Clinic Director of the St Louis Mantality location, said: “Our Indeed account was hacked, that’s where everything was sent from. That’s all we can say right now because of the ongoing investigations.”

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