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Woman sat without panties, hidden under the stairs in the room of the abbot of a temple


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Woman sat without panties, hidden under the stairs in the room of the abbot of a temple

Local residents found a woman under the stairs in the abbot’s room at a temple in Phra Pradaeng district last Wednesday night. The woman tried to hide but was shaking like a straw.

About 100 people living near Wat Bang Ya Phraek in Bang Ya Phraek Tambon stormed into the two-storey home of 65-year-old Phra Samut Prasartporn Mahapunyo around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

They were outraged by reports that a woman had walked into the grounds earlier that evening and hadn’t left. The abbot refused to open his door to the mob until the police arrived and persuaded him to open the door after all.

The abbot showed them his house and left that there was no woman with him. He took people to the second floor where he slept.

Then the police put an elastic hairband on the abbot’s bed and asked him for an explanation. The abbot said he used it to relieve headaches and showed how.

Back on the ground floor, the police saw a blue bra half covered by the abbot’s robes under the stairs. When the cloak pulled away, they found a woman crouching there, trembling, and her face as pale as a cloth.

The people turned against the abbot and the woman and cursed them angrily. Police called in reinforcements to escort the couple out of the abbot’s quarters. Bottles of liquor were also found on the property.

The abbot was escorted to Wat Song Tham, where he was expelled from the monastery and then taken to the Samrong Tai Police Station for questioning.

The police commissioner, Colonel Jakrapong Nutpadung, said the abbot spent the night with the woman and agreed to leave the monastic life.

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