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Woman whose phone number appears in Netflix hit series ‘Squid Game’ goes crazy with calls


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You may not have heard of Squid Game, but the Korean series has been number 1 in the top 10 most-watched series in the Netherlands for days. It is a hit not only in Thailand but also worldwide. For example, the series gets a (rare) score of 100 per cent on the review website Rotten Tomatoes. Not everyone enjoys the new Netflix series alone. A woman who happens to have the same phone number as someone in Squid Game is now constantly harassed by phone calls from curious fans.


Squid Game was released on Netflix on September 17. In the heart-pounding – and quite bizarre – series, hundreds of people in desperate need of money receive an invitation to a mysterious game. The broke people accept the invites but end up in a crazy game where their lives are on the line.

In the first episode of the series, you see a scene where someone’s phone number is written on a business card. Although the creators probably chose a random number, it turns out that it really is someone’s phone number.

4000 CALLS

In an interview, the woman, who calls herself ‘A’, lets us know how annoying this situation is. “I get calls and texts all the time. 24/7. To the point where it affects my daily life.” It’s not about a few calls a day. The woman is talking about 4,000 calls. “I didn’t even understand what was going on at first because I don’t watch the series.”


According to the website Koreaboo, Netflix initially did not want to do anything about the situation. The streaming service has since responded again with a statement: “Netflix, like Squid Game’s production company Cyron Pictures, are aware of the problem and are working on a solution.”

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