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World’s cheapest Michelin restaurant loses star

Eating a Michelin meal at an absolute rock-bottom price is no longer possible. Famed Malaysian chef Chan Hong Meng lost his star this week.

When Michelin published its first culinary guide to the Asian city-state of Singapore in 2016, chef Chan Hong Meng became instantly famous. The chicken and soy sauce noodles that he sold at his popular food stall, Hawker Chan, were just $2.50 so epically delicious, according to Michelin inspectors that Meng was awarded one star (“refined cuisine, worth a stop”).

In addition to fame, Meng’s business success was also beneficial. The chef transformed his food stall into a franchise formula and soon expanded to Thailand and the Philippines, among other places.


According to many, the expansion came at the expense of the quality of his dishes. Chan’s eatery is no longer listed in the latest Michelin guide published in Singapore last week. According to local culinary expert KF Seetoh, that’s right. “I think Michelin has rightly stuck to its principles and protected the dignity of its stars,” he told CNN.

On the website of Chan, who comes from a simple farming family, you can read how proud the Michelin star made him. “It was beyond his imagination that his humble soy sauce would be recognized by the prestigious Michelin Guide and that he would receive the titles of ‘the first food stall with a Michelin star’ and ‘the cheapest star meal in the world.”

Although Chan has lost his star, Michelin remains positive about the Malaysian chef and his dishes: “What started with a stall in the Chinatown Food Center inevitably led to Chef Chan forming a partnership and opening a restaurant,” the guide reports. .

Equally inevitable is the size of the queue – it forms well before opening time – as is the reputation for its delicious soy sauce with rice and chicken or with roast pork. The new building may offer more space and seating, but just like in the Hawker Center, you share your table with others.”

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