A four-year-old girl on Monoday fell from the rooftop of a seven-storey hospital in Kanchanaburi, but was miraculously saved from plunging to her death by the building’s name sign.

The clip of the Myanmar girl being pulled to safety by a staff member of Phaholpol Phayuhasena Hopsital was posted on Facebook on Monday by a user, calling himself Noom Muangnon.

The clip showed a member of staff reaching down to the girl and pulling her up while nurses held him, and other staff helping to grab the girl and pull her to safety to the cheers of onlookers on the ground.

Before the rescue, the girl was hanging on to the characters of the hospital building’s Thai name sign, which reads “Tuek 100 Pee” (100th Anniversary Building).

The hospital later admitted that a cleaner had come out to sweep the rooftop, but forgotten to lock the door, allowing the girl to wander outside.