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Young street vendor is giving away free meals in Pattaya to help the needy through the Covid19 crisis

A young street vendor of local food in Pattaya decided with the help of her friends and other charities to spend a whole day this week cooking and providing free freshly made food to the needy in Pattaya.

Wilaiporn started a new street stall near Tukcom Mall last week and decided on Sunday, May 16 to give back to the people of Pattaya by giving away all the food for FREE.

Nancy’s Food Store has great deals on a daily basis, according to Wilaiporn, and as you can see from the photos, the team had a great time helping to give back to the less fortunate.

Pattaya is currently suffering, for the third time in a year, from the catastrophic shutdown of the tourism and entertainment industry as a result of Covid-19’s precautions, which are causing significant economic damage to a city that depends on about 80 per cent of its tourism of domestic and foreign tourism.

Due to measures that have closed nightspots and tourist attractions and created a knock-on effect that closed many in various support businesses, many have lost everything and the number of homeless people on the streets in the city has increased alarmingly.

By giving something back, Wilaiporn and her team hoped they could make life easier for local residents for at least one day.

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