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Your view: Is Juncker right to call Britons ‘part-time Europeans’?

Euronews readers have been responding to claims by outgoing EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker that Britons are “part-time Europeans”.

“The British were told for more than 40 years that they were in but they didn’t want to share all the policies that have been decided,” Juncker said in an exclusive interview, asked if he thought Brexit was one of his biggest failures.

“The British since the very beginning were part-time Europeans, what we need are full-time Europeans.”

The majority of respondents to polls — at the time of writing — on our social media pages agree with the claim by the president of the European Commission. On Facebook, 79% of readers agreed with Juncker, compared with 77% on Twitter.

David Harman: “He is correct! We had so many opt-outs.”

‘Arkenor’:“If, as I suspect, he was talking about the behaviour of the politicians, then I’d have to agree.”

‘Clacksnapper James’: “Change Britons to English first of all. Then acknowledge the 48%. This is the sort of simplistic thinking that got this country where it is. Juncker should know better.”

Francis Sedgemore: “No. England is one of the more engaged, team playing members of the EU.

“I’ve lived and worked in a number of EU states, and know from experience that Euroscepticism, nationalism and xenophobia exist in all of them.

“I am a full-time European and a proud European Citizen.”


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